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Scope & Projected demand for Teachers and Trainers
Monday, 19 November 2018 23:54

The demand for teachers & trainers stem from the following:-

  • Increasing enrollment in different streams of Education.
  • The need for improving the student to teacher ratio from current levels to about 20:1 / 15:1 for Higher Education and 35:1 / 30:1 for School Education.
  • The need to build training capacity to train about 12 to 15 million persons annually from a vocational skills perspective, keeping in mind that a portion of the existing workforce would also need to be (re)-trained.

NSDC estimates – Incremental requirement for teachers and trainers with a student to teacher ratio of 1:35 for school education and 1:20 for college education and vocational training.


Category Incremental requirement for teachers and trainers(in’000s) between 2008 and 2022
Teachers in school education 2,093
Teachers in Higher Education 3,171
Trainers for technical training ( ITI/ITC) 165
Trainers in other Vocational Streams ( modular/job oriented / others) 375
Total 5,804

With this scenario it is expected that the incremental human resource requirement for teachers and trainers would be about 5.8 million teachers between 2008 and 2022.

This would translate to an average requirement to train about 415,000 teachers and trainers annually, as shown in the following table.

Average Annual training requirement for teachers and trainers (in ‘000s)


Category Average annual training requirement (in ‘000s)
Teachers in school education 149
Teachers in Higher Education 226
Trainers for technical training ( ITI/ITC) 12
Trainers in other Vocational modular training 27
Total 415


Source: IMaCS analysis

The current capacity of Teacher Training institutes is 160,000 annually. This is as against the requirement to train 415,000 annually. The demand for vocation skill trainers is alone expected to be about 40,000 annually (including technical trainers 27+12).

Skill Requirements for Teachers and Trainers

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Level Skills required
Teachers / Professors / Lecturers
  • Adequate knowledge of principles of teaching
  • Strong theoretical knowledge of subject
  • Ability to communicate the knowledge of the subjects to students in a manner that can be understood
  • Ability to deliver the content in a simple way to facilitate understanding
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to empathise with students
  • Observation skills to understand the ability of the students to grasp a particular topic and to plan the teaching methods accordingly.
  • Ability to address doubts patiently
  • Ability to use computers in teaching ( Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation, Microsoft Excel, other ICT tools)
  • Industry exposure, especially in case of faculty handling technical courses. For example, a faculty handling modeling course in a fashion technology institute should have experience in ramp walk, conduction events, etc.