Digital Content Creation for skills (VClass)



Students in schools in rural areas have long been faced with the challenge of accessing a quality education. This problem can be tackled by utilizing technology. With the use of our Virtual Class (V-Class) application, LAQSH ensures that youth in rural and urban areas alike, get the best material available to learn and develop themselves and their community.

V-Class has been chosen to be a part of the 2018 Cohort by the Grey Matter Capital Calibrator Accelerator Program. From a list of more than 100 applicants, LAQSH is one of eight companies participating in the accelerator program to perfect the user engagement design of is mobile app and work towards a goal of reaching one million users. LAQSH’s V-Class app was selected due to the vast potential it displays in addressing problems at scale and for its potential to be disruptive. Other strengths identified by GMC are LAQSH’s team quality, scope of impact, and financial and gender inclusivity.




The Digital Content Creation Program invites corporates to participate in this bold, transformative initiative. By providing insightful and career relevant learning material, you can help students become job ready by providing them with pivotal content that they can put to use in their prospective career. Content that you provide will be vastly dispersed through our V-Class Application.