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Competency based Curriculum for NSQF Level 1 (Class 9)



Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Get acquainted with the fundamentals of Electricity, Electronics, Measurements and Electronics
  • Get aware of workshop layout and electricity and awareness
  • Practice the safety measures of equipment
  • Read the voltage, current along with various laws
  • Explain the concept of atomic structure along with active and passive components and its uses

Course Structure: This course (vocational qualification package) is a planned sequence of instructions consisting of the following modules, called as Units.


  • Reading skill
  • Writing skill
  • Communication skill
  • Language skill
  • Behavioral skill
  • Observation
  • Listing skill
  • Handling tools
  • Electronic Measurements

 Teaching and Training Methods: Theory with Demonstration and Practical Hands on

Location for Training: Classroom and Practical Laboratory

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