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Pre-requisites/ Input Criterion:

  • Graduate of any criteria
  • Fulfill the pre-requisites of the assessment test

Duration: 40 hrs

Course description: Some skills and behavioral attributes are fundamental to being a successful professional. The course is designed to develop these:-

  • Personal Skills
    • Self development
    • Goal setting
    • Motivation
    • Positive thinking
    • Assertiveness
    • Leadership
    • Values (commitment, dedication)
    • Stress management
    • Creativity
    • Critical thinking skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
    • Team work/team building/ Group dynamics
    • Decision making skills
    • Problem solving skills
    • Conflict management and negotiation skills
    • Effective communication (verbal/non-verbal, listening skills)
  • Transition from Campus to corporate
    • Change Management
    • Work etiquette
    • Business etiquette
    • E-Mail etiquette
    • Telephone etiquette
    • Time management
    • Presentation Skills and Group discussion
    • Personal grooming
    • Resume writing
    • Interview skills
    • Environmental education

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In place of the traditional class room teaching the experiential learning approach is followed making the whole learning process fun and interactive.

Subsequent to the course completion: you will

  • Develop greater self esteem and self confidence
  • Effectively cope with stress, anger, anxiety and fear
  • Enhance skills to make you employable.


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