The vocational skills program has been in operation for 5 years covering 15 states, over 6,000 schools and 1.23 million students. Courses on Electronics, IT / ITeS, Beauty & Wellness, Financial Markets, Agriculture, Healthcare and Security are offered in government schools.


The program runs from class 9 – 12 for 4 years along side the regular courses and helps the child build a solid foundation in skills like computers, communication, English proficiency, financial literacy and the specific domain skills all of which woven into the course. Activity based learning, guest lectures, industry visits and an emphasis on practical work have made a deep impact on the students and there is transformation happening before our eyes on a large scale. Industry linkages are an integral part of the scheme, be it through curriculum, or engagement with guest faculty.

The main objective of the scheme is to enhance employability and reduce drop outs.

A one time non recurring grant is provided by the government to the school for purchase of tools and equipments specific for the job role. One or two job roles maybe covered in the span of 4 years. On the Job Training during vacations is provided for at least 80 hours.