With the ease and scope of virtual learning, it is vital these tools are accessible to students. By implementing 30 tablet devices and wireless internet throughout classrooms in government-run schools, teachers will focus their efforts on educating to meet the unique learning capabilities of their students. For example, those who are academically advanced will push their knowledge through tablet usage, gaining more insight and information. Inversely, students who need more support will be able to review older material to ensure an adequate understanding of material. Students are encouraged to think independently, research questions beyond the scope of the classroom curriculum, and develop a stronger understanding of careers to pursue upon the completion of school.




Learn with Tablets program will change the lives of students in ten schools across India for over three years. Over 4,60,000 students annually, the teachers, and the community members will benefit from students’ access to tablets and internet. Your investment provides so much more than just access to a vocational education, it will empower, inspire, and elevate students, teachers, and the community.