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Pre – Requisites / Input Criteria:
• Engineering students of any branch.

Duration: 40 hrs

Course Description: This course is designed to develop and sharpen analytical skills and overall aptitude.

General aptitude:

• Data interpretation
• Data analysis
• Critical thinking
• Critical reasoning

Logical reasoning:

• Relationship based problems
• Odd man series
• Complete the series
• Picture based logical questions
• Parallel reasoning

Numerical ability:

• Interest calculations
• Clocks and time calculations
• Area and volume based (measurements)
• Age calculation based
• Profit, Loss and other formulae based
• Percentage, mean, median, mode S.D.
• Speed and work.
• Ratio.

Skill Focus:

• Thinking skills
• Decision making
• Problem solving
• Lateral thinking

Method used:

• Solving problems.
• Puzzles.
• Individual and group exercise.
• Brain stimulation activities.

Subsequent to the course completion: you will

• Improve problem solving ability both on Arithmetic, Algebra as well as Logical Problems.
• Improve mind’s ability to adapt to new challenges.
• Sharpen the brain’s ability to function clearly and improve memory and cognitive skills
• Stretching and reshaping the way we think.
• Sharpen the mind and help to process information more quickly,
• Perform multiple tasks at the same time and improve memory.
• Stimulate parts of the brain that involve cognitive ability, logical problem solving, memory retention and other brain skills.

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