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Madhya Pradesh Magazine April 2024

Priyanka Choudhary’s Journey from Vocational Education to Professional Triumph Priyanka Choudhary is a  smart student from Madhya Pradesh. She chose to study electronics and hardware when she was in 9th grade. Her family struggled financially after her father passed away. Her mother, who

Punjab Success Stories February 2024

Vocational Trainer: – Prince Pal Singh Trade: – Electronics & Hardware School Govt. Sr. Sec. School Jandwal, Pathankot  My name is Principal Singh. I work as a vocational trainer at Laqsh company, stationed at Govt. Sr. Sec. School Jandwal, Pathankot, specializing in the

Chhattisgarh BFSI Magazine January 2024

Anything is possible with dedication This is a story about Sanat Mohle, a student at a government higher secondary school. Sanat comes from a poor family, and his father works as a daily labourer. Due to the uncertainty of his father’s work, it’s challenging for the family to make ends

Gujarat Magazine October 2023

Vocational trainer :- Saiyed Saidahemad M. Trade  :- Electronics & Hardware School:-  Shree Madhavlal Shah High School, Kumbhat, Anand, Gujarat I am working as a Vocational Trainer for Electronics & Hardware at Shree Madhavlal Shah High School, Khambhat, I’ve found immense

Telangana Magazine August 2023

Vocational Skills give Youth Wings to Fly Vocational skills are different from academic education. Here we emphasize more on knowledge ,skills and attitudes that help students handle practical challenges and work situations. In the vocational courses done in schools we lay emphasis on practical

Punjab Training Program August 2023

In Service training and induction of  Electronics & Hardware Vocational Trainers A two-day vocational training program was held at RICM Chandigarh Sector 32, Punjab from 26.06.2023 to 28.06.2023 on Electronics and Hardware trade. The objective of this program was to give training to 31

Meghalaya Magazine July 2023

Meghalaya in-service training of vocational trainer The In-service training of teachers started off on the 24th July, 2023 with the orientation programme by principals/school heads which was hosted and chaired by Ms. Sharika Ranee, State Coordinator, SEMAM (State Education Mission Authority of

J & K IT Magazine June 2023

Unleashing the Potential of Vocational Education: Empowering Students in Hard Zones with skills in IT. Editorial: In this issue, we celebrate the achievements of IT/ITeS students from remote districts in Jammu division who have embraced vocational education. Through mastering software tools and

J & K EL magazine June 2023

Editorial: In this edition, we share the inspiring stories of students from far-flung areas of Kashmir who have gained practical skills in repairing home appliances through vocational education. These students secured part-time jobs in local repair shops, combining education with hands-on