LAQSH Job Skills Academy’s focus is to develop and empower India’s secondary and senior secondary school students with vocational skills. Through a theoretical in-class education coupled with a practical On-the-Job Training (OJT), skills training in schools has become holistic. Students in class XI and XII are given the opportunity to work at reputable companies that complement their in-class learnings and reinforce the practical competencies.

Students are empowered to create their own future; to exceed their potential in the classroom, in the world, and beyond. The stories shared by students below illustrate the power of skills education in LAQSH’s banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) programs in Chhattisgarh. Meenakshi is in class X at GGHSS Nevra School in Raipur. Now that she has the theoretical foundation and has started the practical experiential portion, she is enjoying it and realizes it’s actually fun! She helps clients’ fill out their forms and excels with customer service, learning a great deal about how to mitigate customer concerns.
She aspires to be like her older brother – his undying passion for studies inspires Meenakshi and she values that he takes the time to also help with her studies. When she’s not working away on her OJT, you can find Meenakshi dancing, another passion of hers.

Isha studies at GHSS Kosrangi School in Raipur. She is the sixteen-year-old daughter of a farmer and a teacher and the first in her family to go through BFSI training. Her Class XI experience has been extremely positive – Isha’s bright smile lights up her face and shows how much she enjoys learning with LAQSH. Isha through the OJT is able to actually see the impact she’s making and the value her work has. In-class she learned how to handle a customer, and her OJT has given her the ability to put this tool to practice. She has learned how to open accounts and has mastered form filling, specifically withdrawal and deposit forms.

Isha was very worried about taking BFSI, as she thought there would be too much math, and she felt math to be her weakest subject. But now, she could not be happier she was enrolled in BFSI! She adores her OJT experience and notices a huge difference in her thought process. The training has increased her confidence exponentially! When not at school or the bank, Isha loves to cook and practice fashion design. She loves Manish Malhotra and hopes to pursue a career similar to his.

Rina is a fourteen-year-old student at GHSS Mandhar Basti School . As her class IX year comes to an end, Rina’s highlight of the year has been the BFSI OJT. Prior to starting this class, Rina did not understand the role of a bank.

Her teacher, Deepak, opened her eyes to the wonders of banking. Rina learned how to communicate with peers and future customers, how to understand the unique issues of each customer, and how to meet their differing needs. Rina finds the bank staff warm and welcoming.

This course has taught Rina to think differently. When she entered class IX, she was keen on a career in teaching. However; after studying BFSI, Rina now plans to pursue a career in banking . Rina plans to complete her graduation and then work.

Dheeraj Kumar Chawre is the branch manager at Indian Overseas Bank and a huge advocate of skills training and OJT. He has had the opportunity to have 25 LAQSH students working with him in his bank. In the bank’s neighborhood, many customers are not educated, nor do they know how to read or write. The students have been a wonderful addition to his workspace; they patiently try to understand the customers problems, aid them in the completion of their bank forms, and provide an excellent customer experience.

Ramesh Jha teaches BFSI at GHSS Jailbel School in Bastar. OJT allows students to see what they are learning in the classroom applied in the real-world and understand the ‘why’ behind their education. Ramesh identifies the change in students who participate in skills training versus those who do not. Those in skills training see a future, they are inspired by their education to create change and often discover their career aspirations. Loknath Chandrakar ,BFSI teacher at GHSS Mandirhasod School in Raipur loves to incorporate role plays, guest lectures, and industry visits into the curriculum as he believes it provides a more holistic education. Students also learn from their mentors about the skillset required to succeed in building their own business.

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