Meghalaya in-service training of vocational trainer

The In-service training of teachers started off on the 24th July, 2023 with the orientation programme by principals/school heads which was hosted and chaired by Ms. Sharika Ranee, State Coordinator, SEMAM (State Education Mission Authority of Meghalaya)-SA(Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan). Presentation was highlighted on the vocational training in school education and followed by an open – Interactive session.

During the interactive session, numerous questions arose regarding funding, the job roles, utilization of raw materials , These queries were addressed and endorsed by the Principals and the School Heads. Subsequently, various activities were conducted to foster better communication among the vocational trainers ,school heads and students .The session concluded with a vote of thanks extended by Smt. Sharika Ranee.

From the 25th of July 2023 onwards till the 28th July, 2023 the training session started on different trade.

BEAUTY & WELLNESS Topics covered:

· Grooming, personal hygiene, face structure & nutrition

· Anatomy and physiology of skin (Waxing, Cleanup, Facial, Manicure/Pedicure, Threading)

· Make-up

· Hair care services & hairstyles

IT/ITeS Topics covered:

· Google Sheet; Google Form; Google Drive& Employability skills

· Inserting images shapes, special characters in a document, dividing page into columns, Formatting the shape or image.

· Power point

· Computer networking

· Microsoft office (Excel)

· Cloud computing and cloud storage

Electronics topics covered:

· Mixer Grinder     

· Geyser      

· Microwave Oven

· Water Purifier

Health Care topics covered:

· Primary health care and maternal & child Health.

· Health care delivery system.

· Basic Life support and emergency cases & response.

· Care of bedridden patient.

· Bio-medical waste management.

· Addiction

· Immunization

· Bandaging

Tourism & Hospitality Topics covered:

· Introduction on tourism and hospitality.

· How do travel agency work, different departments.

· Type of cuisine how do hotels get their star categories.

· Types of tables setting types of menu and beverages.

· Tea tourism.

· Projects and schemes related to tourism and hospitality.

· Interaction class.

Agriculture topics covered:

· Organic Agriculture

· Natural Farming

· Integrated Farming System

· Agricultural Schemes

· National innovations In climate resilient agriculture

· Biofertilizers and biopesticides in organic agriculture: harnessing the power of bio inputs

· Millet’s cultivation and its prospects, bio fortified varieties, natural farming

· Zero budget natural farming


In summary the in-service training program achieved astounding success, as both the Vocational Trainers and the master trainer/resource person actively participated in both theoretical and practical sessions. The positive oral feedback received from both the Master Trainer and the Vocational Trainers underscores the effectiveness of the training, indicating significant benefits for the students .The training concluded successfully ,equipping the Vocational Trainers with valuable knowledge that they can impart to their students with increased proficiency .The session concluded with heartfelt gratitude expressed by Ms. Sharika Ranee , State Vocational Coordinator of SEMAM-SA, followed by a memorable photograph session.

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“Signature Campaign”

VT name- Chossterfield Mawblei

Trade -Agriculture

School -Tikrikilla Higher Secondary School ,West Garo Hills ,Meghalaya

Government of Meghalaya took the smart approach to follow “Signature Campaign” ” , involving students gathering pledges from family and friends to reduce tobacco consumption. Accompanied by impactful visuals presentations illustrating tobacco’s dire health consequences, this approach spurred individuals to opt for a healthier choice of living. This comprehensive initiative engaged youths, raised awareness and laid the foundation for tobacco-free future in Meghalaya.

“The Benefit of Students Participation against Tobacco Consumption”

On May 31,2023, Tikrikilla Higher Secondary School marked No-tobacco Day with student led initiatives following the Indian Government protocol to raised awareness i.e.

(i) To create awareness on harmful effects of tobacco consumption,

(ii) To reduce the production and supply of tobacco products,

(iii) To ensure effective implementation of provisions under act 2003,

(iv) To help consumers quit tobacco usage and

 (v) To facilitate implementation of strategies for prevention and control of tobacco.

 Adhering to established protocols, students actively engaged in public demonstrations and a signature campaign against tobacco consumption. Their efforts raised awareness in 93% of residents ,both young and old showing newfound motivation to reduce tobacco use and sale. Despite some hesitance ,the antitobacco rally had a significant positive impact by providing valuable insights to students on healthy living, how them staying clean could help and  empowered individuals to take control of their health. Overall, this campaign catalyzed positive change ,promoting healthier lifestyles and a tobacco free future in Tikrilla.

VT name– Fairly Merry Dkhar

Trade – Information & Technology

School name-  St. Dominic Higher Secondary School

St Dominic Higher Secondary School nestled in the secluded region of Mawkyndeng ,West Jaintia Hills ,Meghalaya, serves a predominantly rural student population. As a newly appointed Vocational Trainer, I introduced the school’s first –ever vocational subject. Initially met with apprehension, my persistent explanation and efforts led to seven students taking plunge, marking a significant milestone for the institution.

One noteworthy challenge was the students limited exposure to computers, despite having had computer subjects in previous classes. Over a span of 2.5 months ,we conducted intensive classes and practical training. It’s heartening to report that these students who had little prior contact with computers can now perform fundamental tasks. They can confidently open and shut down the computer, create folders, save files and utilized a text editor.

While these skills may seem commonplace to many but for these students who previously lacked access to and familiarity with computers ,these achievements represents a substantial step ahead. This progress highlights the transformative power of education in bridging the gaps and opening doors to new opportunities in isolated region like ours.

If everyone is moving forward together ,then success takes care of itself—   

                                              Henry Ford

VT name- Reaba Dotsmey

Trade– Tourism & Hospitality

School-  Mallangkona government higher secondary school

My name is Reaba Dotsmey . P. Sohsley. I am working as a vocational trainer in Laqsh company at Mallangrona government higher secondary school specializing in tourism subject.

Initially ,students were apprehensive about this novel tourism subject however overtime I witnessed a remarkable transformation .the students became actively engaged in class and were eager to communicate with me .Their enthusiasms for the subject was truly noteworthy in setting up the lab equipment for our classes.

Our recent success in board result for class X students who preformed exceptionally well in tourism had brought about immense pride to our school ,Being recognized in the MBOSE booklet is a testament to our achievements. In sum, the students dedication and eagerness to learn this vocational subjects are commendable ,and I believe their success is a result of both their hard work and the efforts of the vocational trainers.

VT Name-Bamutshwa Sary

Trade-Electronics and Hardware

School –St Dominic Higher Seconadry School, Mawkyndeng ,West Jaintia hills District

 In April 2023, I embarked on an exciting journey as a Vocational Trainer at St Dominic Higher Secondary School. Introducing Electronics and Hardware as a new subject, I witnessed the students’ intrigue and career aspirations, with 36 enthusiastic enrolments after a week of contemplation. With two and a half months until the halfyearly exams, we wasted no time delving into the syllabus. To ignite their interest, I organized engaging activities, such as drawing electric devices and unravelling their inner workings.

The students’ progress was evident, as demonstrated by their commendable performance in two class tests. One chapter proved particularly challenging, introducing Electrical Engineering laws that were entirely new to the students. To help them grasp these concepts, I encouraged them to create visual aids, displaying the laws in their own rooms.

Through these activities, we prepared ourselves for the upcoming Exam This journey as a vocational trainer has been immensely rewarding, witnessing the successful integration of Electronics and Hardware into the curriculum. The students’ understanding and passion for the subject have blossomed, setting them on a path of knowledge and exploration.

The journey is never ending .There’s always gonna be growth ,improvement ,adversity :you just gotta take it all in and do what’s right,continue to grow continue to live in the moment

                 Antonio Brown

Vt name : Mukta Tangkame G Momin

Trade : Electronics & Hardware

School & address : Tikrikilla H S School,

 Tikrikilla, West Garo Hiils, Meghalaya

Embarking on an exhilarating teaching journey at the school on April 11, 2023, I introduced the subject to the students, their eyes brimming with curiosity and excitement. Some jumped at the chance, enrolling immediately, while others sought guidance from their parents, their minds buzzing with possibilities. Fate intervened with a scorching heat wave, granting an unexpected one-week holiday. Their anticipation grew, their inquiries about the upcoming practical classes becoming more fervent. Fueled by their infectious enthusiasm, I rallied support from the Principal and our coordinator, passionately advocating for hands-on experiences.

With funding from the RMSA Office, we embarked on an epic quest to acquire essential laboratory equipment, our students eagerly awaiting the adventure At long last, the day arrived when our students immersed themselves in a world of practical experiments. Guided by my expertise, they embarked on a voyage of discovery, their excitement palpable with each electric jolt and chemical reaction. But our quest for knowledge didn’t stop there.

I armed them with the power to measure and manipulate circuits using a multimeter, unlocking a whole new level of understanding. Their faces lit up with wonder as they witnessed the invisible forces at play, their newfound knowledge sparking a fire of curiosity within their souls. Challenging their growing expertise, I administered two formidable class tests, designed to push the boundaries of their understanding. With the half-yearly exam looming, I reviewed our practical sessions, ensuring they were armed with unwavering confidence. The outcome of our shared adventure has been extraordinary. Their unwavering determination and passion have shone through in both practical and theoretical aspects.

As I reflect on our time together, I feel a sense of pride. We have embarked on a thrilling journey of discovery, growth, and triumph. I am honored to have played a part in shaping these young minds and igniting a lifelong love for learning. The adventure continues, and I eagerly await the wonders that await us on our educational odyssey.

VT NAME: Mousumi  Warjiri

TRADE: Tourism & Hospitality

SCHOOL & ADDRESS: Rymbai Government Secondary School, Rymbai

On April 5, 2021, my journey as a Vocational Trainer commenced at Rymbai Govt. Sec. School. Introduced to the students during a vibrant assembly session, I ignited their curiosity with an engaging introduction to the captivating world of Tourism & Hospitality.

The response was remarkable as, on my very first day. Class X already had a head start, with students previously enrolled by the former trainer. Seven of them were preparing for their Matriculation exams, while 15 had eagerly enrolled for the upcoming session. However, since joining, I have achieved tremendous success by enrolling an additional 26 students in Class X and 33 students in Class IX for the 2023 session.

Navigating through the syllabus, I unveiled the two enthralling parts of the course, which initially caused some confusion among the students. Teaching rural areas in English initially posed a challenge but they soon realized its importance and gained confidence. To keep their enthusiasm ablaze, I orchestrated an array of captivating activities. From exhilarating quiz competitions to impactful cleaning drives and a remarkable Poshan Mah program (Nutrition Month program), the students eagerly participated, their excitement reaching new heights.

They also undertook exciting projects, such as creating a model restaurant and crafting souvenir, I imparted practical skills like napkin folding and table setup, acquainting them with the tools and equipment commonly used in restaurants and food outlets. To truly immerse them in the industry, we embarked on engaging role plays for the Food & Beverage department, aligning with our designated Job Role.

The students’ burgeoning interest in vocational subjects has been truly inspiring. They have embraced a holistic approach to learning, actively participating in practical activities that extend beyond the confines of textbooks and theories. Witnessing their enthusiasm and growth in this dynamic learning environment has been an immensely gratifying experience, fueling my passion as a Vocational Trainer.

Vocational trainer: Albestan Rani

Trade- Electronics & Hardware

School- Mallangkora government higher secondary school

I am incredibly grateful to Laqsh for selecting me as a vocational teacher for electronics at Mallangkora government higher secondary school. Since joining on April 11, 2023, I have found immense joy and satisfaction in my role. The students in grades 9 and 10 showed a genuine interest and excitement in learning this new subject, particularly the practical aspects that allow them to apply their knowledge.

As a teacher, I strive to make the classes engaging and creative, ensuring that the students absorb maximum knowledge and addressing any doubts they may have. One challenge we face is the intermittent availability of electricity and reliable network, especially during inclement weather conditions. However, I make the best use of the resources at hand and maintain a cooperative approach with the students. Regular tests and additional activities help to sustain their interest and involvement.

 Over the past three months, I have witnessed significant progress in both their theoretical understanding and practical skills. This experience has taught me the value of finding innovative solutions and embracing new approaches.

The secret of making progress is to get started . —

                     Mark Twain

VT name- Pynsuklin Jyndiang

Trade– Electronics & Hardware

School- Sibsingh Memorial Government Higher Secondary School, Nongstoin

Any teacher is proud and ecstatic when we see the students surpass and outperform their skills, and knowledge in life. I, Pynsuklin Jyndiang, a vocational trainer at Sibsingh Memorial Government Higher Secondary School, Nongstoin from Electronics and Hardware trade would like to share my experience that I have been teaching in this school for the past three months.

Most of the students attending this school are from rural areas but that does not stop the students in any way to acquire knowledge and education and even to take a vocational subject where this is only available in two schools in the whole of West Khasi Hills District. Teaching in a local language does not stop the barrier of education for the students and they do not want to miss any opportunity to take this subject and are keen to even learn new things. Apart from regular classes, organizing and conducting group discussion, monthly tests are what makes the classes more interesting.

 These makes the students to come up with new ideas and even score high marks. The students also said that a vocational subject is a must to all the students from class 9 onwards. Their preparation, hard work, sincerity, and dedication has brought them to success; and present class 11 students have scored more than 80% in this vocational subject. Some of the students have plans to create their own project. If the students need my help and guidance, it is my duty to assist and obligate them to the best of my knowledge. I give my best wishes to all the students, and I hope that they will have a great and successful future.

VT-Ibadondor jones Syiemlieh


School-Saw Lyngdoh secondary school, Mowkaiaw, West Jaintia hills, Meghalaya   

Meghalaya, a state located in the northeastern region of India, has a significant agriculture sector. The state geography is characterised by hilly terrain, abundant rainfall, and fertile soil, which made it conducive to agricultural activities. Agriculture is the mainstay of the state’s economy, employing a significant portion of its population. 

Within this thriving agriculture landscape, I Ibadondor Jones Syiemlieh a vocational trainer at Sawlyngdoh Secondary School located in the scenic West Jaintia district of Meghalaya focuses on the cultivation of Solanaceous crops and enthusiastically impart the invaluable knowledge to the eager minds of class IX students. Together we discovered the symbiotic relationships between Meghalaya agriculture heritage and its inspiring teachings. Being a vocational trainer, I firmly believed in the importance of practical skills and wanted to ensure my students had a well-rounded education.

With this in mind, I aimed to go beyond textbooks knowledge and introduced my students to the world of hands-on learning starting with a little activity of collection of herbariums of horticultural crops available in the locality. A herbarium is a collection of dried plant specimens used for scientific research and study .As Aristotle said  ” For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them”, in that regard I decided to asked the students to explore their little locality armed with notebooks, plastic bags, handy scissors and a deep curiosity, the students set out their adventure  with a mission to collect leaves of various horticultural crops.

Their first stop was their own kitchen garden where the sweet scent of soil was flush after  intervals of heavy rains. The students carefully observed the plants ,examining their leaves, flowers, fruits and stems with amazement. They plucked samples of leaves from their garden and collect them in the plastic bags .After collecting the leaves they cleaned the leaves by wiping out any dust, and preserved them in their notebooks .

The next day my students decided to divide themselves into small groups ,each tasked with exploring and collecting plant samples from different areas around the school  but due to another downpour they could not collect as much as they wanted so they ended up with collecting a few leaves.

As the leaves were kept for pressing I asked the students about their experiences Suhakani Suchiang answered “I thought it will just be another assignment but this assignment made me curious about the leaves that I collected. I want to know the common names of these leaves since there are many that I have no idea about” …Retainme Shadap said” with every step I enjoyed the sound of my feet drag along  the wet ground but most of all I marvelled at the diverse tapestry of nature that surrounded me”.

After a few weeks the students brought their pressed leaves and I taught them to mount the collected specimen on a paper noting down crucial details like the local name, common name, date collected and the area collected from. The students collected around fifteen leaves individually which turned out to be a good number in spite of the weather .

The activity had not only created a good collection  but had also nurtured a community of plant enthusiasts who cherished the rich biodiversity of their surroundings .It reminded me of the profound connection between humans and the nature. It taught us the importance of preserving and celebrating the beauty and wisdom that nature generously bestowed upon us. In this aspect  I am also the one learning from them, like the wise words of Richard Branson ”The world is your classroom ,never stop exploring and learning.”

Nature Palette: Meghalaya’s Agrarian serenade 

In the land of Meghalaya, where nature thrives, A tapestry of beauty unfolds, where joy survives.

 Amidst rolling hills and misty peaks so high, A symphony of green hues paints the sky.

Terraced fields stand proud on mountain steep, Solanaceous crops thrive, their scents to keep. Potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers so bright, Agricultural wonders, a true delight.

 With monsoon embrace, the skies open wide, Raindrops kiss the fields, where dreams reside. Rice paddies glisten, like mirrors of hope, Sustenance for all, an abundant scope.

 From Khynriem to Pnar, Garo,Bhoi to War , Communities united, the essence of Meghalaya.

Working hand in hand, in harmony they stand, Cultivating prosperity across the land. Meghalaya’s beauty, a testament profound,

So, lets celebrate this blessed domain, Meghalaya’s splendor, forever to remain. With gratitude, we cherish its captivating art, A fusion of nature, beauty and agriculture’s heart.

“Learning by doing sparks imagination, curiosity and a sense of wonder”-Steve Spangler