She stressed on the importance of self confidence in an interview, taking responsibility in order to be recognized and rewarded by the company. That, any company looks for a candidate with good attitude. Even with an average technical knowledge, one can clear the interview with a higher willingness to take responsibility. These are the most important qualities that companies recognize and appreciate- she said.

She shared her thoughts and experiences on ‘how to interact with an interviewer”, ‘how to use every opportunity and talk to the interviewer.’ She also provided some tips on dress code and behavior for the interview process.

The students also rose to the occasion and asked her several questions to clarify their doubts.
Some of the key takeaways from her interaction with the students were that she shared specific questions that a fresher gets asked. She shared tips from her personal experience of handling interviews, personal and technical questions and the importance of being accountable and responsible on the job.
She discussed on questions like, 1. As a fresher they expect only basics ->OS ->Data Structure ->OOPS 2. Ask the interviewer to rephrase the question again in case of difficulty in understanding. Some important interview question on Database like, 1. How to remove the duplicate rows? 2. Difference between function & procedure? 3. About Normal forms? 4. Can Views be updated?
The importance of having strong knowledge in basics also can not be overlooked. No interviewer will be excited about shortlisting the candidate if the foundation knowledge is not strong. This applies to candidates with experience too.