Editorial: In this edition, we share the inspiring stories of students from far-flung areas of Kashmir who have gained practical skills in repairing home appliances through vocational education. These students secured part-time jobs in local repair shops, combining education with hands-on experience. This edition also marks the debut of our local editorial team .

Bridging the Gap: Practical Skills vs. Theoretical Knowledge:
Vocational education bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills, empowering electronics students to confidently repair home appliances.

Earning and Learning: Part-Time Employment in Repair Shops:
Students from far-flung areas earn money and enhance their repair skills through part-time jobs in local repair shops, tackling a variety of appliances.

Innovation and Recognition: Inspiring Efforts in Electronics:
Notably, one student’s self-designed solar charger earned them a nomination for the prestigious “Inspire Award,” highlighting the impact of practical learning.

Practical Skills for Everyday Life:
These students exemplify the importance of vocational education in equipping them with practical skills, fostering self-sufficiency and problem-solving abilities.

Local Editorial Team: Amplifying Local Voices and Perspectives:
Our local editorial team introduces a diverse range of voices and perspectives, emphasizing the value of vocational education in our community. These students from far-flung areas demonstrate the transformative power of vocational education in electronics, bridging theory and practice. Let us celebrate their achievements and recognize the significance of practical skills in shaping a brighter future.

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Rising Star: Shah Fahad’s Journey from Adversity to Entrepreneurial Success

Shah Fahad, a student currently in 10th grade at Government Higher Secondary School Abhama, shines as a beacon of brilliance in the face of adversity. Hailing from the economically disadvantaged village of Abhama in Pulwama district, Shah Fahad’s story is one of determination and resilience. Shah Fahad’s family relies on their electronics repair shop, where repairs of electrical and electronic gadgets like television, radio, mobile phone etc. are managed by his father, as their main source of income. It is with this backdrop that Shah Fahad’s passion for electronics and hardware flourished. Shah Fahad gained invaluable knowledge of basic tools like multimeters and soldering irons, which he seamlessly applied to assist his father in the shop.
Today, Shah Fahad has made remarkable progress in the field, becoming adept at troubleshooting faults in electrical equipment used at school and home like television, washing machine and refrigerator . In addition to his studies, he now provides home services for electrical appliances, catering to the needs of people in nearby villages. Not only does Shah Fahad pay his own school fees, but he also supports his family financially through his entrepreneurial endeavors. We extend our heartfelt wishes to Shah Fahad for his future endeavors, confident that his unwavering determination and entrepreneurial spirit will continue to propel him towards success.

Empowering Dreams: Sharafat Shafqat’s Journey from curiosity to Entrepreneurial Success

Sharafat Shafqat belongs to a backward village Malanoo, tehsil Kahara district Doda. He was a very good student of our school. He always wanted to learn new things that made him different from others. One day when he was in 9th class I took him in ICT lab and showed different parts of computer and it’s working. He showed much interest in computer. He brought a computer and after sometime opened a stationery and Photostat shop in his village. He had all the qualities of being a successful entrepreneur. I guided him through thick and thin and finally helped him to set up his Internet Café near our school. This didn’t hamper his studies. Today, when I told him to share his story of being a successful entrepreneur, he shared me some pictures of his shop and thanked me for guiding him through. I am blessed and proud of him.

Curiosity and perseverance : Two important skills that will take you far

Our student Musharef Hussain is one such person. A hardworking student of the school, Musharef was always keen to learn new things. His interest was not limited to electronics & mhardware. Musharraf was an active participant in many activities. In his two year course he learnt many things and improved himself day by day. He didn’t stop there and joined a nearby shop in his village where he learned about repairing electrical appliances such as fans, blowers etc. A soft spoken lad with good communication skills, Musharef dreams of opening his own electric repair shop. Khalid Shabir, his mentor and teacher is full of pride and justifiably so. Khalid is confident in his students potential and wishes him a future where he will definitely fulfil his dreams.

Illuminating Pathways: Towheed Ahmad Shah’s Journey of Electronics

We are thrilled to present the story of our student, Towheed Ahmad Shah, from VT BHS Gotlibagh Ganderbal. Right from the initial stages in Class IX, Towheed displayed a profound interest in the field of electronics. As he delved deeper into the program, his knowledge expanded, and he became proficient in troubleshooting basic home appliances such as heaters, electric irons, and LED bulbs. This aptitude for problem-solving propelled his success. Towheed’s dedication is further evidenced by his commitment to balancing his studies and assisting his uncle at an Electronics Repairing shop. With admirable time management skills, he ensures that his academic progress remainsn unaffected. Towheed’s aspiration is to pursue further studies in the field of electronics. We take immense pride in Towheed Ahmad Shah’s achievements and applaud his ability to seize opportunities for growth. His story serves as an inspiration to students, showcasing the power of passion, hard work, and perseverance in achieving their dreams.

Rafit Ara’s Journey in Electronics Shines Bright

Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, a vocational trainer at Govt Girls High School Ajas Bandipora, proudly shares the inspiring story of Rafit Ara, an exceptional student who has demonstrated remarkable talent and passion in Electronics and Hardware (E&H). Among the talented students, Rafit Ara’s journey stands out as a testament to her brilliance. Fueled by a deep interest in E&H, Rafit Ara would engage in small practical experiments at home, delving into the subject matter both inside and outside the classroom. Her keen focus on the electrical aspects led her to successfully undertake residential house fittings and rectify various small equipment like radios, mobile chargers, and heaters. With active participation in projects ranging from full-wave rectifiers to series and parallel connections, Rafit Ara’s dedication and enthusiasm shine through. Her achievements in these endeavors are clear indicators of a promising future in the field of electronics. We wish Rafit Ara the best of luck in her future endeavors. It is evident that she possesses the drive and potential to make a significant impact in the realm of electronics.

Nurturing Brilliance: Momin Parvaiz’s Inspiring Journey in Electronics

In the rustic landscapes of BHS Awoora Kupwara, vocational trainer Sajad Bhat witnessed the immense potential hidden within the students. Eager to guide them onto a path of opportunity, Sajad introduced the concept of vocational education and its significance compared to traditional methods. The response was overwhelming, and one student, Momin Parvaiz, stood out as a shining star.

Momin, an exceptional student, displayed an unwavering passion for Electronics and Hardware (E&H). Carrying dysfunctional radios, remotes, and circuits to school, Momin delved into the intricacies of components, tirelessly seeking out faults and honing his skills. Sajad found in him a dedicated partner, and together, they embarked on various projects, testing circuits on a daily basis. Momin’s brilliance reached new heights when he conceived the idea of creating a “Solar Charger.” His innovative project earned him a well-deserved nomination for the prestigious INSPIRE AWARDS. Currently, Momin continues to work on refining the design, showcasing his determination to push, boundaries and make a significant impact. With aspirations to become an electronics engineer, Momin’s path forward is illuminated by his unwavering dedication and thirst for knowledge. Sajad Bhat, along with the entire school community, extends their best wishes for Momin’s future endeavours, knowing that he is destined to make remarkable contributions in the field of electronics.