Vocational skills is different from academic education.Here we emphasise more on knowledge, skills and attitudes that help students handle practical challenges and work situations. Skills programs emphasise only on hands on skills. However in the vocational courses done in schools we lay emphasis on the practical skills as well as the underlying theoretical knowledge, life skills and the soft skills, the 21st century skills required to be successful in the fast changing work place. These
include communication skills, digital and financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

This emphasis on practical’s and learning a skill gives students tremendous confidence to face the real world challenges and earn their livelihood. Here we would like to share the experiences of some of our teachers and students from Madhya Pradesh. LAQSH Job Skills Academy has teachers developing skills of the students in Electrical Technology & IT/ITES  skills. In the past few years our Teacher training has focussed on how to develop practical skills amongst students leveraging labs in the school and work spaces in and around the school.

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