Vocational skills is different from academic education. Here we emphasise more on knowledge ,skills and attitudes that help students handle practical challenges and work situations. Skills programs emphasise only on hands on skills. However in the vocational courses done in schools we lay emphasis on the practical skills as well as the underlying theoretical knowledge. Our focus is also on the 21st century skills required to be successful in the fast changing work place. These include communication skills, digital and financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

This emphasis on practical’s and learning a skill gives students tremendous confidence to face the real world challenges and earn their livelihood. Here we would like to share the experiences of some of our teachers and students from Telangana. LAQSH Job Skills Academy has teachers developing skills of the students in Banking & Financial skills.

The Vocational training program has given students wings and they are exploring their potential. For us, nothing speaks more eloquently about the need for these programs and the impact it has on our students life journeys than their stories. Here are a few of them, in their voices and through the reflection of our passionate teachers. These are a few chosen stories from a rich tapestry of stories we see, in classrooms every day. Every month, we will continue highlighting these stories of inspiration, passion, change and success. After all, its stories like these, that make our work  rewarding and real.

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Sushmitha: “ I am a student from the  11th class in Telangana Model School, Karivirala, Suryapet. I Joined this school in the 6th  Class. I have always been interested in Science and want to become a doctor when I grow up. My father is an auto driver and my mother takes care of our home . Me and my sister are the first in our family to go to school. When I was in the 9th Standard, Vocational courses in Retail as well as Banking & Financial Services were introduced in my School.

I attended an introductory session on both the courses and opted for the  Banking course as the Trainer Madhu Sir made a very good impression on me. He explained about Importance of the banking Sector. Yes in this generation everyone should know about Banking.

Before joining this course, whenever I went to the bank with my parents, they used to request the officers in the bank to help them in filling forms, vouchers etc. At that time  I was helpless , but now I am helping them in filling vouchers, withdrawing cash, using POS to swipe Debit cards, Pin generation of cards and other financial transactions.  I am even helping my neighbours in opening bank accounts. My family members are very proud of me. Guest Lectures, Industry visits and OJT have helped me gain practical knowledge about Banking Sector.”

When we asked Sushmita again about her dream of becoming  a doctor she said that she was not sure whether her parents could support her to become a doctor as the expenses would be a lot; but she felt confident now that she could take up a career in banking and become a bank manager!

Anil: “ I am a student of class 11th TSMS Bazar Hathnoor, Telangana .My father is a farmer and my mother is a home maker, and I am the only son for them. They are not educated, but they are giving education to me and they have placed all their hopes on me. When I was in the 9th class Vocational skills ,Banking & Finance and Beauty was introduced in my school & I took it up. 

I am a very average student, with not much confidence and afraid to interact with others. Through the course I got a good opportunity to improve my personality. With the help of my trainer Karunakar Sir I now know  how to open a  bank account , how to fill vouchers,  how to deposit and withdraw money etc. We were made to do a lot of role plays in the class. We were also asked to go to the junior classes and give presentations to the students about banking. This has helped me a lot and I am much more confident now.

We grow cotton in our fields. Recently we had to take a crop loan of Rs. 95000/- from the Telangana Grameen Bank. I helped my father while taking loan from the bank and withdrawing cash from ATM’s. My father felt very happy and proud. This is my first success in my life. Communication skills, employability skills, positive thinking, self management have all helped be to become a good student in my class.

My dream is I want to become Bank manager. With this course surely I will achieve my goal and I can fulfil my parent’s dreams. Thanks for giving this Vocational Education to me. Thanks for giving this Vocational Education to me.

Vennela: “ I am studying in 11th standard at TSMS Maddur, Siddipet. I am from Kondapur, a remote area & I stay in the school hostel which is 15 Km from my house. My father runs a poultry farm and my mother helps him too. My parents are not educated. But they want their three children to study well and get into good jobs. So all three of us stay in hostels near our school.

This course will help me to fulfil my dream. My sister is very good in sports and she is a national level player in handball. My brother is the youngest ; his dream is to join the police. I have done 20 days OJT in Andhra Pradesh Grameena Vikas Bank, Maddur, Siidipet. I have learnt how to fill various bank forms such as deposit, withdraw, demand draft, RTGS, NEFT,SWIFT account, cheque and account opening form. Soft skills such as communication and self management are helping   me to communicate effectively . I also understood  how these skills are useful in the workplace to build relationship among others.

I taught my father how to use PAYTM and how to withdraw cash from ATM, now he is doing all the transactions himself. And my father is my role model he works very  hard work for us. I go home only during festivals . My mother always makes special sweets for us. At home I discuss with my father about the poultry business; how to improve profits and how to maintain accounts. My mother always motivates me and she always tells me to help people. I helped many people who are facing difficulty in filling vouchers in the bank when I was in the OJT programme.”

T. Divya: “I am DIVYA studying Class 11 at TSMS CHITYAL, JAYASHANKAR Dist. I joined the BFSI course in 2017. I am from a poor agricultural family, and my father expired when I was in 8th class. Since then my mother is taking care of me and I am the only child for her. My mother faced a lot of financial problems after my father’s death. We are share croppers and have taken some land on lease where we grow cotton. We sell the cotton to earn our livelihood. My mother manages the entire farming herself. I also have an Uncle, my mother’s brother and his son who have helped us financially.

My trainer Sreekanth Sir explained about how to save money in the banks and how to apply for loans. I shared the information with my mother. My mother already had a bank account in Andhra Bank in Chityal which was opened by my father. I started saving her earnings in the banks, and whenever she is need of money I fill withdrawal form and take the amount from bank. I applied for Debit card in the Bank for easy withdrawal. She was shocked and proud to see me doing all these transactions in the bank. This course helped me a lot in the difficult situations.

I have yet to draw up a budget to see whether our work on farming is profitable. I will do so in my vacations this year. My cousin brother is a software engineer and he has been motivating me to also become a software Engineer. I am still not clear. But whatever I take up I will always support my mother.

Vocational Education has been very useful for me. I have gained confidence in doing financial transactions. I am very thankful to all the persons behind introducing the Vocational Education. It’s a golden opportunity for every student to develop her skills and build a bright future.

Anusha: “I am studying  in the 11th class in Telangana Model School, Choutuppal. My father runs a dairy farm and my mother is a home maker. I am an average student in my class and I was  not able to speak in front of a large group of people. In the 9th standard I took Banking and Finance as my vocational course. Communication Skills, and Role plays helped me to overcome my fear and now I can stand up and speak in class.

My trainer  Ajay Kodadi Sir took me to SBI Chinthapally for OJT. There I have learnt about Banking system, filling forms, Customer services, RTGS & NEFT details. I helped few people in opening Accounts, filling vouchers. Myself I felt very happy and proud for helping illiterate people. The OJT helped in real life work experience. I have also started helping my father in his business.

I am inspired by Steve Jobs (Apple company Founder) & he is my role model.  In future I want to start a school myself and become an employer of many people. I will be my own boss and do not plan to work for somebody else.”

“My name is Sony. I study in class 11 at TSMS, Nellikudur. My father is a farmer and we grow paddy and my mother helps my father. I have one sister, she is in class 9 . Banking and financial course was introduced in my school when I was studying class 9. I opted for it, because I like business. I have curiosity to know about banking & financial sectors running in our country. The course helped me in thinking of some  job options like banking.

I had no idea about banks, so I didn’t think about banking jobs, establishment of company’s shares in share market etc.  Now I am confident that I’ll get job in these sectors. The most practical learning’s in this course was filling  forms like Deposit forms, Vouchers, withdrawal forms and also how to draw money from ATM . At my native place I fill promissory notes for my neighbors.  I am a student so am not able to do any job now, but in future definitely I’ll be in a good position as I’ll get a  job in banking sector. BFSI is a service sector. It helps many people by giving interest on their money, giving loans to farmers, small scale industries and other sectors also. If my parents want to take a loan I will be there to help them. Actually I want to serve the society through banking and I got motivated by my teacher Nagalaxmi Ma’am, she moulded my personality .”  

Sony’s father says “My daughter was always worried about what career to take up. Once she told  me about this Vocational course ; now she likes to do job according to her course ; she has more clarity after doing this course that she will surely get the job in this field. I don’t think too much and am not afraid about her future now. Once my daughter and I went to the bank to withdraw money; she helped  me fill the form.  I was very happy that what I am unable do to at the age of 35 ; she did at just 15 years age. I am extremely thankful to the teacher and RMSA for introducing  such a wonderful course to the students apart from studies.