Vocational Trainer: – Prince Pal Singh

Trade: – Electronics & Hardware

School Govt. Sr. Sec. School Jandwal, Pathankot 

My name is Principal Singh. I work as a vocational trainer at Laqsh company, stationed at Govt. Sr. Sec. School Jandwal, Pathankot, specializing in the Electronics subject. I began my journey there on March 13, 2023, initially enrolling 58 students in my class. My teaching approach emphasizes practical demonstrations, which have proven to be highly effective. Under my guidance, students actively engage in a variety of hands-on activities, including soldering, LED activation, series-parallel connections, Ohm’s law, L.D.R, and measuring voltage, current, DC voltage, and resistance using a multimeter. The Punjab government organized skill competitions for students of classes 11th and 12th in every district, and Government Senior Secondary School Jandwal, Pathankot was selected to participate. In response, two students from the 11th class, Parminder Singh and Sahil Kumar, developed a Solar Powerhouse project, utilizing solar panels to power LED bulbs. The government provided 1800 rupees to support the construction of the project.

Two students from the 9th class Talwinder Singh and Jagdish Raj created a wire cutting detector project. This innovative project triggers an emergency light whenever someone attempts to climb over a wall and cut the house’s wires, effectively deterring theft. The project components include an ON/OFF switch, 9V battery, resistances, transistor, relay, LED, and wire. Students got certificates from district education officer, Pathankot. Ninth-grade students Rohit Kumar and Sunil Kumar made an Electronics Voting Machine (EVM) project. They used two 9V batteries for power supply to the machine. One 9V battery is connected with three LEDs in series connection, and the other 9V battery is connected with two LEDs in series connection using a 22 Ohms resistance. Small LEDs glow when someone votes for the candidate. Push buttons are used for voting for the candidate.

Witnessing the enthusiasm and growth of my students in this dynamic learning environment has been an immensely gratifying experience, further fueling my passion as a Vocational Trainer.

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VT Name- Amit Goyal

Trade- Electronics and hardware 

School and Address- Government Senior Secondary School Bhutal Kalan District Sangrur, Punjab

In March 2023, my journey as a Vocational Trainer began at Government Senior Secondary School Bhutal Kalan, District Sangrur, Punjab. I was introduced to the students during a lively assembly session. Starting with the syllabus, I provided basic information about electronics to the children, aiming to keep their enthusiasm ignited through various engaging activities.

I bought some soldering irons and PCBs and initiated soldering and desoldering sessions. Within a few days, ninth and eleventh graders mastered these skills. Subsequently, I delved into detailed explanations of electronics components, AC and DC circuits, using multimeters and clamp meters. The students gained practical experience in continuity testing, and learned about capacitors, inductors, diodes, and transistors.

In December, we organized an industrial visit to Verbio India Pvt. Ltd., a company specializing in producing compressed biogas from agricultural residues, primarily paddy stubble. Students observed various stages of the Verbio plant, witnessing its automated systems controlled by German software. They also gained insights into the power system and gas production processes.

During Diwali, I proposed a mini competition to our principal, focusing on electronic projects. My students showcased projects such as electronic lamps, chains, and other lights, utilizing LED bulbs, circuits, transistors, rectifiers for AC to DC conversion, and 9V batteries. The rectifiers used were made by the students themselves. The principal and other teachers visited to admire the students’ work, appreciating their efforts and skills.

As a gesture of acknowledgment, the principal decided to award small prizes like pens and notebooks to commend the students’ dedication and knowledge.

I have observed significant progress in both the theoretical understanding and practical skills of my students. I am committed to facilitating their continued acquisition of knowledge and skills in the field of electronics.

Vocational Trainer: – Simmi

Trade: – Electronics & Hardware

School- Govt. Sr. Sec. School Cheema Khudi Gurdaspur

I started my journey  as a vocational trainer with Laqsh job skills academy at GSSS CHEEMA KHUDI GURDASPUR school in March 2023.  In the introductory class, I emphasized the future scope of electronics. 108 enthused students enrolled in a week’s time. Thereafter we delved into  various concepts such as LED bulb repairing, series-parallel connections, Ohm’s law, and L.D.R., . Students were engaged in creating various projects, including a solar powerhouse and a solar-powered vehicle, to gain a better understanding of the concepts. During Diwali, some students crafted electric diyas from scratch, a moment that filled me with immense pride.

Students from 11th grade Anmol created  a solar vehicle and Rajdeep Kaur a solar powerhouse project. These projects aimed to demonstrate how solar energy can address the increasing demand for limited fossil fuels due to population growth. Students utilized basic electronic components such as batteries, diodes, DC motors, solar panels, and switches. During the day, solar energy was stored in batteries for night time use, powering both households and vehicles.

In February 2024, a skill competition was organized in Gurdaspur, attracting participants from numerous schools. Rajdeep, one of my 11th-grade students, presented a project titled “SOLAR ENERGY IRRIGATION SYSTEM,” showcasing how solar energy can operate tube wells and lights, contributing to sustainable development. Rajdeep eloquently explained the project and fielded questions from the Chief Guest and District Education Officer, earning him an appreciation award. Upon his return to school, Rajdeep was honored with a trophy by the school principal Shree Jagjit Kaur, further elevating our school’s reputation.

I am immensely proud of my students’ achievements. Witnessing their journey from having limited knowledge of electronics to creating projects and winning prizes at the district level is truly commendable and reflects their  growing understanding of the potential of this field. 

VT name- Sikha Sharma

Trade- Electronics

School- GHSS Sihora, Ludhiana

As a vocational trainer at GHSS Sihora, Ludhiana, I am dedicated to imparting knowledge in electronics and hardware to our enthusiastic students. My approach involves hands-on learning, starting with activities such as explaining series and parallel connections, diagnosing light chip faults, repairing LED bulbs, testing series test lamps to check fan windings and faults in fan bodies, understanding different windings like running and starting windings, determining capacitor values, and selecting the best capacitor values for fan operation.

During guest lectures, students learned about irons and fans. Our guest lecturer, Harjan Singh, opened an electric iron and fan, teaching various functions of all components. Industrial visits to CTR Ludhiana provided students with the opportunity to witness real-world applications of their studies, such as about voltage control and maintenance, battery usage, and safety in battery rooms.

On September 2nd, 2023, our CEO, Revathi Kasturi, and our coordinator, Mr. Simranjeet Singh, visited our school, inspiring students to excel academically and apply their knowledge in future endeavors.

During Diwali, some students crafted electronic diyas using components such as rectifiers, 9V cell batteries, circuits, transistors, small LED bulbs, and switches. After assembling the components and soldering, they tested the diyas for illumination, successfully creating electric diyas.

Gurmukh Singh, an 11th-grade student, repaired a fan at his home -a significant achievement demonstrating the practical application of the skills learned in class.

Reflecting on my vocational training journey since March 21st, 2023, I am proud of the progress my students have made. They have not only learned about various electrical components but have also gained the ability to repair fans and create electric diyas, bringing me immense joy and pride.