Vocational Skills give Youth Wings to Fly

Vocational skills are different from academic education. Here we emphasize more on knowledge ,skills and attitudes that help students handle practical challenges and work situations. In the vocational courses done in schools we lay emphasis on practical skills as well as the underlying theoretical knowledge. Our focus is also on the 21st century skills required to be successful in the fast changing work place. These include communication skills, digital, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

This emphasis on practical’s and learning a skill gives students tremendous confidence to face the real world challenges and earn their livelihood. Here we would like to share the experiences of some of our teachers and students from Telangana.

For us, nothing speaks more eloquently about the need for these programs and the impact it has on our students life journeys than their stories. Here are a few of them, in their voices and through the reflections shared by our trainers.

These are a few chosen stories from a  rich tapestry of stories we see, in classrooms every day. Every issue, we will highlight these stories of inspiration, passion, change and success. After all, its stories like these, that make our work rewarding and worthwhile.

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Crafting Success Through Vocational Education

Madhasa Vaishnavi, a former student of Raikal School, was destined for something beyond the ordinary. Her father, a carpenter, and her mother, a dedicated housewife, nurtured her to make education her priorities.

In her ninth grade, driven by her fascination for business and marketing, Vaishnavi chose to specialize in retail as her vocational course. This decision wasn’t just a choice; it was a commitment to her passion. Her dedication was evident as she continued her journey in retailing and business through her intermediate years. Upon completing her intermediate studies, Vaishnavi wasted no time. She attended a series of interviews and emerged victorious, securing a position in a prestigious e-commerce company named  ‘E-commerce Business PVT. LTD.’ based in Hyderabad.

After a brief period of training, she not only passed the assessments but also excelled in them. According to Vaishnavi, the tests were a reflection of the knowledge she had gained during her vocational course, making them a breeze to crack. Now, Vaishnavi is earning a salary of Rs 5000/- per month. She balances her job at the e-commerce company while pursuing her degree. Her journey is a testament to the power of vocational education in shaping futures. She is grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow through her vocational course, and she reserves special thanks for her supportive mentor, vocational trainer Mr. Naveen Sir, who guided her on the path to success. Vaishnavi’s story serves as an inspiration, highlighting how dedication, vocational education, and mentorship can pave the way for a promising future filled with endless opportunities.

E. Sunil: From Classroom To Checkout

We are delighted to introduce you to E. Sunil, a remarkable student from TSMS & Govt. Jr College Maddur, who has embarked on an extraordinary journey of personal growth and success. Sunil’s story is one of dedication and a thirst for knowledge. Sunil’s journey began when he enrolled in the retail trade vocational course during his 9th grade.

Recognizing his dedication and immense potential, he was handpicked for a prestigious apprenticeship program. This invaluable experience allowed him to dive into the world of retail, gaining hands-on knowledge and skills. During his apprenticeship, Sunil honed various retail management skills, including employee roles, accountability, packing proficiency, and shopping development strategies. His passion for learning was evident as he absorbed every bit of knowledge that came his way. Upon completing his training, Sunil interviewed at various establishments and secured a position at the renowned Apparel and Fashion supermarket.

Here, he continued to refine his skills, mastering essential aspects of hassle-free shopping management, including offline and online payment methods, discounts, seasonal promotions, and store clearance procedures. When asked about his journey, Sunil humbly shared, “I started with little knowledge about retail, but thanks to the vocational course and the guidance of my trainer, Mr. Shravan Kumar Ravva, I now understand every aspect of retailing. I’m proud to balance my job with my studies and even tutor my younger brother in retailing and financial discipline. My parents couldn’t be happier.”

We commend Sunil for his passion, hard work, and determination. His inspiring journey serves as a shining example to all students aspiring to turn their dreams into reality.

Vaishnavi’s Journey To Beauty Entrepreneurship

Vaishnavi, a dedicated student in X class at Z.P.H.S Nagole, embarked on a transformative journey when her school introduced vocational classes alongside regular studies. Among the various trades offered, she chose beauty and wellness, a choice that would ignite her passion for self-care and inner well-being.

Enthusiastically, Vaishnavi immersed herself in both theory and practical lessons. Beyond the superficial, she learned that true beauty resonates from within, intertwining with one’s health. Over the course of a year, she mastered techniques like threading, manicures, pedicures, mehendi, D-tan, facials, and hairstyling using the equipment provided by the government.

Guest lectures and industrial visits enriched her understanding, delving into the intricacies of anatomy, from hands and legs to bones and fingers. The working environment of professional salons had a very good impact and fuelled  her aspirations. During a school event, Vaishnavi worked at a mehendi stall, not just gaining experience but also earning some money. Her dedication

shone during summer holidays when she practiced threading and D-tan on her mother, leaving her satisfied. Today, she excels in mehendi designs and facial makeup at wedding ceremonies, occasionally earning from her newfound skills. Vaishnavi aspires to become an assistant beauty therapist and open her own salon.

Transforming Dreams into Reality

Sai Rakshita, a 10th-grade student at Z.P.H.S Nagole School in Telangana, embarked on a journey of self-discovery through vocational education. Choosing the beauty and wellness course, she found her passion.

Under the guidance of her vocational teacher, Mrs. Swathi, Sai Rakshita learned a myriad of beauty services, from pedicures to facials. Regular industrial visits and guest lectures enriched her understanding, blending theory with practical experience. During summer vacation, Sai Rakshita visited ‘Javed Habibi,’ a local salon, for deeper insight into the beauty sector. Her mother, a makeup artist and salon’s managing director, encouraged her curiosity. Sai Rakshita observed the salon’s professionalism, product displays, customer service, and staff etiquette.

With newfound knowledge and skills, Sai Rakshita now assists her mother in the salon during her free time. She’s not only gained confidence but also contributed to her family’s business. Sai Rakshita’s story is a testament to the power of vocational education in unlocking hidden talents and building self-assurance, proving that anyone can achieve remarkable things with dedication and the right opportunities.

From Classroom To Cash

Hashasri, a 10th-grade student at Z.P.H.S Dharmapur, discovered her passion for beauty and wellness through vocational education. In her school, the government encouraged various vocational courses, and Hashasri was drawn to the beauty and wellness trade.

From 9th grade onwards, she immersed herself in this course, mastering beauty techniques such as waxing, threading, facials, makeup, bleaching, and henna application. Beyond beauty skills, she learned the vital connection between physical and mental health, discovering relaxation techniques and stress management strategies while emphasizing self-care.

At home, Hashasri honed her skills by preparing hot wax and practicing intricate henna designs on friends, relatives, and neighbors. During summer holidays, she accompanied her mother to a beauty therapy center, even threading her mother’s eyebrows.

Now, Hashasri receives invitations to showcase her talents at weddings and other ceremonies, earning well with a fee of Rs 200/- for mehendi and Rs 500/- for facials. She attributes her success to her vocational teacher, who provided both theoretical and practical knowledge. Hashasri proudly states,”Thanks to vocational training, I gained expertise in these beauty skills, learning step by step procedures and the art of achieving the perfect look.”

Hashasri’s journey exemplifies the transformational impact of vocational education, turning classroom learning into real-world success and financial independence.

Srivani: Nurturing Dreams at Gaddipally’s Plant Nursery

Meet Srivani, an eleventh-grader from Gaddipally Model School in Garidepally, whose journey took root amidst the vibrant greens of a local plant nursery. Guided by the Samagra Shiksha vocational guidelines, she embarked on an educational adventure that would change her life.

Srivani’s journey began with an internship at the nursery, where she applied her classroom knowledge to craft pro-trays for seedlings, preparing them for transplanting. However, her thirst for learning and ambition knew no bounds. She approached her employer for more responsibilities and soaked up knowledge like a sponge.

Under the nurturing wings of experienced nursery workers, Srivani learned the art of setting up a nursery shed and the delicate process of transplanting young plants. Her confidence flourished, and her employer recognized her potential, offering paid work as a testament to her growth. Months have passed since that initial internship, and now Srivani receives 25-30 raw materials like seeds for different plants daily from her employer and plant them into nursery portrays generating a significant income of Rs 450 per day. Srivani also cultivated tomatoes, cucumber and other vegetables in that nursery. This contribution not only empowers her but also supports her family.

 With an unwavering determination to excel, Srivani is poised to take her newfound skills to greater heights. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of education and determination, proving that when opportunity meets ambition, success blossoms like a well-tended garden.

“Anjaneyulu’s Journey from Field To Dreams”

Anjaneyulu, a tenth-grader at Telangana State Model School in Kothakota, Wanaparthy district, is pursuing “AGRICULTURE” as a vocational subject. His parents, who toil as agricultural laborers, served as the inspiration behind his choice. Anjaneyulu witnessed the sheer dedication his father invested in the fields, providing sustenance not only for their family but for many others as well.

This firsthand experience ignited his curiosity to delve into the fundamentals of farming techniques.  He learned about crop cultivation processes, the various types of soils, the benefits of drip irrigation, and different farming practices, including crop rotation. Above all, he discovered the significance of natural farming and the production of organic products, drawing a direct connection between his newfound knowledge and his family’s livelihood.

This course was practical based that enhanced their knowledge on agricultural concepts which was enlightening and engaging. He along with his fellow peers started  gardening in their school compound, where they cultivated tomatoes, coriander, cucumber, and other vegetables along with flowers. 

He fondly recalled the vibrant celebration of “AGRICULTURAL DAY” at his school and praised the enthusiasm of his vocational trainer. In October, Anjaneyulu and his peers visited local fields and the IKP center, witnessing farmers diligently working alongside their families. Residing in the village of Amadabakula, where many families depend on agriculture, Anjaneyulu aspires to contribute to the agricultural sector’s growth. His dream is to pursue higher education in Agriculture, combining traditional wisdom with modern techniques for a sustainable future.

Nagaraju: Cultivating Knowledge and Sharing Wisdom

Meet Nagaraju, a dedicated 10th-grade student at Telangana State Model School in Ibrahim Nagar, Siddipet district. His parents work as agricultural laborers, instilling in him a deep appreciation for farming from a young age. In the 9th grade, Nagaraju chose agriculture as his vocational subject.

During his vocational studies, Nagaraju gained practical and informative knowledge about agriculture. He delved into the methods of cultivating horticultural crops, the use of essential manures like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, and the intricacies of fieldwork. He even had the opportunity to cultivate a tomato crop himself.

Now, Nagaraju serves as a beacon of knowledge in his village, offering advice on farming practices, chemicals, fieldwork, and weather conditions. He reflects, “I’ve transitioned from not understanding anything about farming to providing guidance to my fellow villagers. This transformation is all thanks to the vocational course. I’ve genuinely enjoyed the process of learning and cultivating.” Nagaraju’s education also included industrial visits to an agricultural research station, Thornal, where he learned about cutting-edge farming technologies, irrigation methods such as drip and sprinkler irrigation, and pest management techniques, including how to combat pink bollworms in cotton plants.

Digital classes played a crucial role in enhancing Nagaraju’s understanding of agriculture, making complex concepts easier to grasp. He learned the intricacies of nursery bed preparation, tilling, irrigation, chemical usage, and transplantation through these classes.

Putting theory into practice, Nagaraju and his classmates cultivated tomatoes in their school field as part of their fieldwork. They plowed the land, made ridges and furrows, planted seeds, and watched as tomatoes grew, appreciating the hard work that goes into cultivation. Nagaraju’s training teacher guided him every step of the way, leaving Nagaraju with a profound understanding of agriculture.