Vocational trainer :- Saiyed Saidahemad M.

Trade  :- Electronics & Hardware

School:-  Shree Madhavlal Shah High School, Kumbhat, Anand, Gujarat

I am working as a Vocational Trainer for Electronics & Hardware at Shree Madhavlal Shah High School, Khambhat, I’ve found immense joy and satisfaction since joining on Aug 9, 2023. The support from the school Principal and my coordinator has been invaluable. The students in std-9 exhibited genuine interest and excitement in learning this new subject. My approach, focused on engaging and creative classes, ensures maximum absorption of knowledge, especially in practical aspects that allow application of their learning. Regular tests and extra activities sustain their interest.

During a skill competition on October 28, 2023, my students showcased two projects on ‘Good Health Being’ and ‘Climate Change.’ Proudly, the Climate Change project emerged as the winner, earning a spot in the district-level competition. The inclusion of electronics in secondary schools is promising, offering students an early exposure to technical studies, thereby enhancing their knowledge base. In the past three months, I’ve observed significant progress in the students’ theoretical knowledge and practical skills. This teaching experience has taught me the value of innovative solutions and embracing new approaches. The journey as a vocational trainer has been fulfilling, witnessing the growth of both students and me. I look forward to further nurturing their curiosity and skills in electronics, empowering them for a brighter future.

Vocational trainer :- Nelson Mecwan N.

Trade  :- Electronics & Hardware

School:- Shree P.M Patel High School, Shapur, Petlad, Anand, Gujarat

On August 10th, 2023, my journey as a Vocational Trainer commenced at Shree P.M Patel high school. Shapur, Petlad. Introduced to the students during a vibrant assembly session, I ignited their curiosity with an engaging introduction to the captivating world of Electronics and Hardware. The response was remarkable as I was successful in enrolling 23 students in Class X and 24 students in Class IX for the 2023 session.

Teaching both theoretical and practical aspects of electronics, I emphasized hands-on learning. Three students from class 10 assisted me in setting up a computer in the library room. To turn on the computer, there was no switchboard, so they set one by following the safety rules. Their responsible actions earned them appreciation from the principal and the staff. Computer literacy, covering MS Word, MS Office, Excel, and PowerPoint, was imparted through the P2E Passport to Earning program for classes 9 to 12. The students completed online exams, earning certificates. Organizing a safety-oriented guest lecture, Sunil sir from St. Stephen ITI At. Anand shared insightful knowledge about fire extinguisher systems, instructing the students on their usage.

 The students of Class 9 crafted a series-parallel board, while Class 10 students replaced a fan capacitor in their classroom. Witnessing their theoretical understanding and practical skills develop significantly in just two months, I envision their potential to not only repair at home but also progress toward self-sustainability. Looking ahead, the students are preparing for an upcoming skill competition on the topic of ‘renewable energy,’ a testament to their growing knowledge and enthusiasm for practical applications.

It’s incredibly rewarding to see their progress and realize that their rapid learning pace could lead them not only to self-repairing abilities but also set them on a path towards a brighter future where they can earn and thrive independently.

Vocational trainer :- Jignesh Varia G.

Trade  :- Electronics & Hardware

School:- M.M.S Vidhyamandir, Delol, Panchmahal, Gujarat

In June 2023, I started working as a vocational trainer in Laqsh company at M.M.S. Vidhyamadir, Delol school. I am very happy that I got this opportunity to educate school level students in Electronics and hardware trade. Enrolling 84 students initially, within a span of 9 to 10 days, their enthusiasm soared as they delved deeper into the subject matter.

Over the next four months, the students actively participated in diverse hands-on activities, including soldering, wiring, connection techniques, drilling, and understanding electronic components. Several students exhibited their growing proficiency by showcasing their subject knowledge and skills.

Practical demonstrations were a key part of my teaching methodology. I conducted sessions illustrating how to construct a relay circuit on a breadboard, along with other hands-on exercises encompassing M.C.B testing, LED activation, series-parallel connections, Ohm’s law, L.D.R, and more. As we approach November 3rd, an exciting event awaits: a science exhibition where my students will present their meticulously crafted project ‘all-in-one irrigation machine’, which performs field operations from weed cutting to preparing the soil for irrigation, sowing seeds, and electrically watering plants.  Witnessing their progress and their application of learning in creating this device fills me with immense pride and satisfaction.

Looking ahead, plans are underway to further enrich their learning experience. Scheduled within the next one to two months are guest lectures and organized industrial visits. These initiatives aim to broaden students’ knowledge, offering them real-world exposure to bolster their career prospects. The journey so far has been one of discovery, growth, and tangible learning. Witnessing students making improvement in their skills with this subject matter is immensely rewarding.

Vocational trainer :-Sachin Solanki L.

Trade  :- Electronics & Hardware

School:- New Education High School, Petlad, Anand, Gujarat

As a vocational trainer at New Education High School in Petlad, I am dedicated to imparting knowledge in electronics and hardware to our enthusiastic students. I firmly believed in the importance of practical skills and wanted to ensure my students had a well-rounded education. 

My approach involves hands-on learning, beginning with activities such as explaining mixer juicer winding and exploring every component with the students. Notably, two Class 10 students successfully repaired a shorted wire within our electronics lab, receiving praise from our principal for their achievement. Initially, the lab had a supply of no more than 110 volts, but after students repaired, it was restored to the full 220 volts. Additionally, I conducted computer education sessions through the P2E program, enlightening children about MS Word, MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. The students took online exams and earned certificates, enhancing their digital literacy. Witnessing students surpass their skills and knowledge in various aspects of life fills any teacher with pride and ecstasy. I am delighted to observe this remarkable progress among my students. Seeing them excel not only academically but also practically is a rewarding experience.

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