From TSMS Penpahad, 12th grade students participated in an internship at Sri Laxmi Kirana and General Store, organized as part of the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan. Initiated by their VT Saidulu, who wanted his students to have some real-life experience. This internship spanned ten days.

During the first day, students engaged in basic retail activities, such as billing and stocking. The CEO of Laqsh MS, Revathi Kasturi, visited and interacted with students, inquiring about their excitement, expectations, and the tasks they had learned. Subsequent days involved practical learning like cleaning shelves, arranging stock, understanding the billing process, and discussing the ‘POS’ system with the manager. They observed the retailer’s customer interactions, emphasizing the importance of maintaining healthy relationships.

On the fifth day, students directly participated in the sales process, convincing customers to  make purchases. A notable highlight was dealing with a bulk order from a company executive, for which students received praise. The remaining days focused on essential retailing skills. Students learned order management, stock verification, and maintaining customer data securely. By the eighth day, they actively contributed to store operations, assisting customers and ensuring their needs were met.

On the ninth day, students delved into maximizing store profits, understanding product ordering procedures, and securing customer data. The internship concluded on the tenth day, with a lesson on promotional activities such as product displays, banners, and social media utilization. The students’ confidence soared after this hands-on experience, extending beyond their theoretical knowledge. Some are now considering going forward in this retail field after completing their 12th, armed with practical insights gained during this transformative internship.

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Six students of class 12 from Telangana Model school & College had an exciting 10 day internship at Dhoolmitta store during the Durga puja break, guided by VT Shravan Kumar Ravva, they learned practical skills beyond the classroom, spending a total of 80 hours on various tasks. This internship provided the students with hands-on experience. Under the guidance of the store owner, students delved into various activities, such as store opening and closing, understanding attendance and grooming standards, and laying the groundwork for a disciplined work routine. 

They handled store maintenance records, ambiance checklists, stock checks, and price tag updates which honed their skills in retail management. Managing vendor supplies, employing inventory management formulas like FIFO (First In First Out), and FEFO (First Expiry- First Out) for prevention of product expiration and ensuring the sale of fresh items and perfecting product presentation are some retailing skills they learnt in this internship journey.

The skills and confidence gained during these 10 days will undoubtedly help these students in their future retail careers.

In October, seven 12th-grade students from TS Model School and (JR) College and thirteen from TS model school Gadipally specializing in agriculture trade underwent a 10-day internship at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Gadipally, Suryapet.

This internship provided practical learning in various agricultural activities, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a nursery bed to supply healthy seeds to farmers.

With daily eight-hour sessions, the internship began with an introduction to micro-irrigation and horticulture crops. Following days covered Krishi Vigyan Kendra activities, vegetable nursery management, and a visit from Laqsh CEO, Ms. Reavthi Kasturi. 

During her visit, Ms. Kasturi engaged with the students, expressing keen interest in their experiences. She inquired about their learnings,  posed questions related to vegetable nursery management and micro-irrigation. The students, enthusiastic about sharing their progress, responded positively. Ms. Kasturi expressed her satisfaction with the students’ understanding and application of the concepts.

The curriculum extended to shade house techniques, black boxing, portray during germination, mulching sheet methods, and bed preparation. Students delved into oil form plantation, propagation in horticulture crops (layering, grafting, T-budding), and learned about vermicompost material, azolla cultivation, and paddy seed preparation.

On the eighth day, the focus shifted to vermicompost bed preparation, bio-fertilizer preparation, leading to the final two days dedicated to sprinkler and drip irrigation. The internship aimed to equip students with practical  Knowledge and boost their confidence in agriculture.

The positive impact became evident as students shared their newfound knowledge with others. One student, inspired by her training, shared insights with her father and fellow farmers, leading to the implementation of innovative ideas in nursery bed preparation. The success stories reflect the internship’s purpose—clarifying concepts, providing practical experience, and instilling confidence in students for a promising future in agriculture.

During the Dashhera holidays, students from Telangana State Model School IRKODE Siddipate engaged in a 10-day internship at Professor Jayasankar Telangana State Agricultural University from October 12 to October 25, 2023. This agricultural based internship provided a bridge between theoretical classroom knowledge and real-world applications.

The very first day of the internship started with observations of tools such as rain gauges, Stevenson screens, sunshine records, and wind direction. On the second day they delved into practical aspects, starting with soil testing and understanding soil fertility, exploring elements present in the soil.

On the third and fourth days they focused on entomology, complexities of pests in agricultural fields and life cycles and classifications of insects. The fifth day brought a focus on seeds, germination, and the historical context of seeds, providing a practical view of plant life.

Understanding of different types of crops and estimating profits on crop cultivation occupied the sixth day, highlighting the importance of rain drip and rain feed per area. The seventh day expanded into plant families, pollination in monocots and dicots, and the details of seed production for rice and sunflower. A field visit to a sunflower field on the eighth day taught how to identify male and female pollination, enriching the students’ understanding of practical agriculture.

In this internship students also learnt about the utilizing tools for enhanced crop growth, emphasizing that farmers can achieve higher profits by using them. 

Overall, this agriculture-focused internship proved to be a transformative and enriching experience for the students from Telangana State Model School IRKODE Siddipate.